While Pinemount gained its initial experience in the traditional real estate market, the firm quickly identified a specific area that had been virtually neglected in the building frenzy of the last 30 years: the rental housing market.

Today, Pinemount holds and is actively developing and growing a unique and thriving portfolio of stable, income-generating residential rental projects, both inside the GTA as well as in the emerging Golden Horseshoe area — where the opportunities are greater and the returns and margins better and sustainable. By looking deeper and longer into the future, and where few others are, we see opportunities that others may not.

Following similar explosive rental growth in the U.S. — which is typically years ahead of Canada — Ontario’s historically low-risk, long-term rental income investment is finally hitting all the right buttons: low supply, high demand, stable returns, and a rare confluence of economic and demographic factors that make its affordability and practicality highly attractive to huge swaths of Ontarians, from millennials to empty- nesters.